Q. What do I if I do not receive the email with the link when enrolling
A. Check your junk mail folder please.
A. If you are using a computer on the Pickerings network the firewall sometimes the delays the process. Please wait for 15 minutes and check again.
A. If all else fails, contact Support on 0407 570 587.

Q. Why do I have to click on the red button when I finish?
A. This records your result and advises the system that you have finished.

Q. Can I start and stop the course when I want?
A. Yes. Just log on again and continue where you left off.

Q. How can I check that my answers are correct?
A. Select the Check button at the bottom of the question.

Q. Why do I have to do the Fire Safety Training every 2 years?
A. It is the Law in Queensland.

Q. What happens if I forget my logon details?
A. Select the Forgotten your username or password link under the logon box and you can reset one or both.

Q. I can't find the link to start the Assessment/quiz - where is it?
A. Go to the last page of the Safety Training information and click on the button named

Start Assessment.